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Twist-Lock Pedestals support large marine tables

Release Date:2013-05-03  Hits:12164
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New Bedford, Mass. IMTRA, the leading manufacturer and importer of quality marine products, announced today two new add

New Bedford, Mass. – IMTRA, the leading manufacturer and importer of quality marine products, announced today two new additions to its NorSap Twist-Lock Table Pedestal line,World Steel Tube Dispatch the NS2090 and NS2091. Complementing Imtra’s extensive line of NorSap table pedestals and designed to support large tables, the new pedestals feature a unique twist lock base that quickly and securely connects and locks the support column into place. The pedestals’ simple installation not only allows for a table to be seamlessly moved and stowed, its compact surface-mounted deck plate system makes it easy to have multiple locations for the table throughout a boat. Combining unparalleled functionality, durability and ease-of-use, the NorSap NS2090/2091 Twist-Lock Pedestals deliver an innovative and flexible solution for a large movable table on any type of vessel.World Steel Tube Dispatch

Ideal for boats with little to no access below the mounting surface, the Twist-Lock Pedestals’ deck plates does not require obtrusive deck mounting to house a large column,World Steel Tube Dispatch and eliminates the need to cut a large hole into the deck that can lead to core damage or water penetration. Unlike other removable pedestals on the market, the NorSap Twist-Lock line offers unmatched stability with a solid feel that does not wobble when installed, despite its portability. The NorSap Pedestals’ flush, low profile stainless steel deck plate is designed to avoid the build up of dirt and debris when the table is not in place. In addition, its extremely flat, unobtrusive design does not create a tripping hazard, which is important when boaters traverse the deck in bare feet or flip-flops.World Steel Tube Dispatch

“Our new, World Steel Tube Dispatchlarger NorSap Twist-Lock Pedestals provide smart and functional removable table systems for anyone who wants a simple solution to set up and move a table anywhere on their vessel,” said Alex Larsen, NorSap product manager, IMTRA. “In addition to providing great flexibility with multiple installation options, Twist-Lock Pedestals feature a more robust base and mounting flange to securely handle larger tables.”

The NorSap Twist-Lock Pedestal line features high quality durable construction, a polished aluminum tube and a 316 stainless steel base with cast aluminum table flanges for a strong and light-weight table mounting interface. Suitable for all boaters’ needs, the pedestals offer table heights for dining, cocktails and even integration into a sleep berth.World Steel Tube Dispatch The pedestals have two adjustable height ranges,World Steel Tube Dispatch a three-stage 15.5 to 28.9 inch (359 to 735 mm) model and a two-stage 18.1 to 28.3 inch (458 to 720 mm) option.


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