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Texas Iron and Metal Announces New Surplus Steel and Surplus Pipe

Release Date:2013-05-18  Hits:11128
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HOUSTON, April 24, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Texas Iron Metal has more than 74 years in the iron and metal business.

HOUSTON, April 24, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Texas Iron & Metal has more than 74 years in the iron and metal business. They have always specialized in offering the lowest prices on metal and steel for local manufacturers, and they now have another way to help their customers save money. With their surplus steel program, a business or customer who needs steel can purchase excess inventory items at incredibly reduced prices that are sure to help save money and increase profit levels.

An Impressive Selection
Whether consumers need angle, challenge, wide flange beams, tubing, pipes, rounds, plates or squares, Texas Iron and Metal has the steel and iron they are looking for. Their excess inventory selection includes floor plates, bar grating, expanded metal, welding wire and other miscellaneous products. All surplus steel items are the same high-quality pieces available through their main product line, but customers can save a substantial sum by purchasing the scraps, inventory overages and other extra items.

Looking to Sell?
Consumers who are interested in selling off excess metal items should call Texas Iron and Metal to get the highest prices for their items. They purchase through business closures, companies changing locations, moving sales, cancelled projects, design changes, overstocks, miscuts, order drops, rejected items and more. When companies can sell their unused, excess metal to the team at Texas Iron, they will reduce their associated losses and help the company remain profitable.World Steel Tube Editing

Finder's Fees
In addition to purchasing metal from other agencies, Texas Iron also pays finder's fees. When a consumer knows of a business that is moving, closing or that has excess metal, they can provide Texas Iron with the information and receive a financial bonus as a form of thanks.World Steel Tube Editing

Why Businesses Should Move Steel Inventory
Texas Iron and Metal appreciates the importance of keeping warehouses clean and moving items out of storage. It costs money to store items, and businesses that no longer need the excess metal can make money by selling it to Texas Iron. Doing so opens up space for current inventory and reduces the costs associated with handling the old inventory items. They are happy to buy excess materials, and they have an organized system for selling it to consumers so it can be put to good use.
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Lowest Prices and Biggest Selection
When businesses or people are looking for a specific type of steel at the lowest price, they should start by visiting Texas Iron and Metal. They have the lowest prices on the largest inventory of excess steel and metal products. A full steel yard can be toured in person when consumers are looking for a certain style, or customers can call them to find out what is available and what the current prices are. They have after-hours support, so customers can call for help even after regular business hours.
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Fast and Efficient Service
Texas Iron and Metal is dedicated to customer service, and they strive to deliver the fastest service possible. Whether customers are looking for something special or just a special deal, Texas Iron has people on hand to answer any questions and place orders for surplus steel and pipe.World Steel Tube Editing

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