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Reliance Foundry Launches New Line of Steel Pipe Bollards

Release Date:2013-05-23  Hits:10842
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Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd., North Americas premier supplier of bollards, bike racks, and custom castings announced moves
Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd., North America’s premier supplier of bollards, bike racks, and custom castings announced moves to increase the level of convenience delivered to its customers today by releasing a line of steel pipe bollards for use in World Steel Tube Providesecurity applications. Reliance Foundry has always supplied top-notch bollards but, in the past, customers were forced to source their own steel piping when installing the bollards in security applications. Today’s release of steel pipe bollards will allow customers to order all the components necessary to provide aesthetically pleasing, impact resistant perimeter security from one supplier. Creating an unsurpassed, all-in-one system, the newly launched steel pipe bollards will provide an increased level of impact resistance while the bollard covers deliver the aesthetics, weather resistance and increased visibility that have made Reliance Foundry’s bollard systems the industry leader.World Steel Tube ProvideWorld Steel Tube Provide
“We released the line of steel pipe bollards to make it easy for our customers to get everything they need for a secure bollard application in one place,” says Reliance Foundry’s Sales Manager, Rick Pasternak. “Now installers can order steel pipe bollards and plastic, steel, iron or stainless steel post covers, all in one go with Reliance Foundry.”
Reliance Foundry is offering steel pipe bollards in four standard sizes. All models are constructed from high grade ASTM 500 B steel and coated with a protective red primer. If requested, they can also be cut, by the manufacturer, to the length required for any project. For high-volume orders, galvanized finishing options are also available, at an additional cost, to provide increased weather-resistance and protect the bollard’s structural integrity. Reliance also provides helpful resources to demonstrate the installation process. Reliance Foundry’s steel pipe bollards are kept in stock and obtaining a quote is as easy as filling out the steel pipe bollard request a quote form, found on Reliance Foundry’s website, and returning it via email or fax. Reliance Foundry will deliver a response within one business day. Increasing the convenience, Reliance Foundry offers models of post covers that can be used to increase the visibility, weather resistance and aesthetic value of every steel pipe bollard in their catalogue. The addition of steel pipe bollards will give installers the ability to order the bollard and bollard cover in one place, making the entire process easier.World Steel Tube Provide
“The introduction of steel pipe bollards to our product line is another step in becoming the all in one source for all products related to secure and decorative bollard applications,” says Reliance Foundry’s Vice president of Sales and Marketing, Brad Done. “We hope that this addition will save our customers’ time and eliminate the headaches associated with coordinating a bollard project with more than one supplier.”World Steel Tube Provide
Reliance Foundry’s new steel pipe bollards are barriers that can be used to prevent vehicle incursion at businesses and institutions. They can be installed in strip footing or individual footing applications and will stand up to the demands of typical North American streetscapes. For additional elemental protection or to add varying styles of ornamentation, Reliance Foundry also offers a wide variety of bollard covers that can be used in conjunction with its newly-launched line of steel pipe
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