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 Phcoker is a GMP-certified manufacturer that specializes in producing popular weight loss peptides, including semaglutide (5mg and 10mg), tirzepatide (5mg, 10mg, and 15mg), and retatrutide (5mg and 10mg). All peptides have a standard production specification of 5mg, with larger specifications of 10mg and 15mg available upon request. Customization of specifications and colors is also possible.

As injectable products, strict requirements are in place for production environment and quality testing. The production environment for all of our products meets the strict requirements of GMP standards and is fully pharmaceutical grade. The entire production process is sterile, and strict quality inspections are implemented throughout to ensure consistent quality.

When researching peptides, purity is a key issue, and we guarantee a purity of >99%.
Over the past year, we have provided numerous customers with high-quality peptides, resulting in long-term cooperation. Our factory has a mo... [Details]
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